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Presscuttings 2016

Udston Hospital Garden clean up - 15 October 2016

Rotarians undertook their Autumn cleanup and replant visit to our local "old persons " hospital where we look after the garden outside Douglas and Avon Wards . Photos also show the two planters donated by Hamilton Inner Wheel





Meeting - 8 September 2016


Members enjoyed a whisky tasting evening at the home of Harry Doyle.The photo shows the obligatory Fish & Chips being administered






Meeting report - 7 July 2016


The Rotary Club of Hamilton held first meeting of the 2016-17 Rotary year on 7th July 2016, This meeting saw the culmination of fund raising and the packing of backpacks for dispatch to Malawi in support of Mary's Meals, the charity which has since it's inception delivered more than 500,000 Backpacks to children in Malawi, Liberia, Uganda and Romania.

Rotarians and guests enjoyed a short video, presented by Mary Campbell, which showed children in Malawi, smiling, jumping, shouting, and laughing with excitement, as they opened their Backpacks, each of which contained the basic materials needed for their school work, e.g. pencils, rulers, notebooks etc., as well as some clothing and toiletries. These Backpacks are an incentive to the children to attend school, where in addition to learning, each is given a daily meal, hence the name Mary's Meals.

The excitement of the children seen in the video became infectious, as Rotarians checked off their list of items and furiously packed the Backpacks. This was a fun night at the Rotary meeting. It seemed amazing to realise that the simple items in these Backpacks, which we in Scotland take for granted, can bring such happiness to thousands of children in less affluent countries than ours.

At the end of the evening, members of the Rotary Club responded with enthusiasm to Hamish Wilson's vote of thanks to Mary Campbell.

Readers who would like to know more about the work of Mary's Meals can find details on


President Elect Bruce Cruikshank whose committee organised the campaign

Rotarian Harry Doyle ( centre) sourced all the contents of the back packs


A lot of concentration was involved in this exercise




St John Ogilvie School Interact Club restores Benches - 22 June 2016


St John Ogilvie School Interact Club have restored two benches at Udston Hospital. The benches were given some years ago to Udston Hospital garden by the Rotary Club of Hamilton and were in need of attention. The restoration work was done by the members of the Interact Club, with guidance from the school’s technical department and the photographs show ‘final coat’ day.

The Interact Club was formed with the encouragement and mentoring of the Rotary Club of Hamilton and has been operating for four years. Interact Clubs operate much as Rotary Clubs, but with members of school age.
The photographs show the final coat being applied and the visit of the incoming president of the Rotary Club of Hamilton, Eddie Hawke and Rotarian Jim Glass at the occasion. 

Jim Glass has been involved with the gardens at Udston Hospital for some years. The Rotary Club of Hamilton help maintain the gardens at Udston on an ongoing basis and recently the Interact Club has become involved with the maintenance.’’





2016 Primary School Quiz

The Rotary Club of Hamilton’s annual Primary Schools Quiz competition was held in St John’s Primary School on Wednesday 27 April.  As usual the competitors and supporters were enthusiastic and the competition closely contested.

Rotarian Jim Provan set and asked the questions in a room filled with supporting parents, teachers, pupils and interested Rotarians, all of whom enjoyed the closely fought contest. Throughout there was a friendly and good competitive atmosphere in the room.

The quiz consisted of 10 rounds of six questions covering varying topics. After a keenly fought contest with the leading school, Woodhead Primary School came out as winners with Chatelherault Primary runners up. The winning team was presented with gift vouchers, a winner’s certificate and the winners shield by Club President, Bernie Crozier. The other competing schools were St Elizabeth’s, Quarter, St John’s and St Mary’s Primary School and Hamilton College (Junior School).

The Rotary Primary Schools Quiz is a national competition for Primary Seven pupils and the winning team, Woodhead Primary will represent Hamilton in the District final which takes place on 6 June.

Photograph shows the winning team, Lauren Leys , Callum Campbell, Amber Paterson and Lucas Nelson with Rotary President Bernie Crozier.

Photograph shows the winning team, Lauren Leys , Callum Campbell, Amber Paterson and Lucas Nelson with Rotary President Bernie Crozier.

Chatelherault Primary School ( Runners Up )


Quarter Primary School

St Elizabeth's Primary School

St John's Primary School

St Mary's Primary School

Hamilton College Junior School




Spectacles Collection - 12 February 2016

Recently The Rotary Club of Hamilton has been helping the locally based charity Sight Aid International by collecting disused and unwanted spectacles.

The picture shows Rotary Club President Bernie Crozier handing over the boxes of spectacles to charity founder Sean Walls. These will be checked and graded ready to be shipped to Africa to be used in the work done at clinics in Malawi and Kenya.

Since it’s inception in March 2010 Sight Aid International has screened over 10,000 children and adults in some of the poorest areas of Kenya and Malawi and supplied glasses and eye medicines to those who have required them. Recently the charity sent a team of Optometrists from the UK to work in the two clinics making a huge difference to the lives of those with eye problems. The Rotary Club would like to thank all those who donated spectacles mainly from church congregations around the area. About 1,000 were collected.






Weekly Report - 11 February 2016

Members of the Rotary club of Hamilton, gathered for their weekly meeting at Hamilton Golf Club on 11th February 2016, and were fascinated by their after dinner speaker, Mr Jim Brown, a member of The Glasgow Archaeological Society for more than forty years. Mr Brown drew on his extensive knowledge and experience to present the story of the Roman Army in Scotland in such a manner that Rotarians could visualise not only the artefacts such as the remains of Antonine and Hadrian's walls, but could vividly imagine the life style of the soldiers who served in the Roman Army in those times.

The logistical and administrative problems of present day forces throughout the world, are the same as those experience by the Romans, it seems, that only the technology has changed. Future visits to Roman sites, such as the bathhouse in Strathclyde park will take on a new significance for Rotary members, who will now be able to visualise much more than simply the stones of the ruins which remain. It was clear from Mr Brown's presentation that “What you see, depends on how you look.”

The interest in the subject which Mr Brown aroused by his relaxed and informative presentation was reflected in the array of questions and his answers at the end of his presentation.

A vote of thanks to the speaker was proposed by Mr Ian Brown.


Weekly Report - 4 February 2016

Members and guests of The Rotary Club of Hamilton were, on the evening of 4th February 2016, delighted to welcome their after dinner speaker Moira Gallagher, to the Hamilton Golf Club, were she spoke on the subject of “The Silverline.”

Moira first spoke of the thousands of elderly people in the UK who for various reasons find themselves isolated in their homes, cut off from their previous friends and suffering perpetual emptiness and loneliness, which eventually can result in a deterioration of physical and mental health.

With the aid of slides and a video, Moira managed to cheer up her audience from this depressive thought by describing how the Silverline, through its many volunteers, brings cheer and friendship to over one million such elderly people.

She explained how the Silverline, provides a twenty four hourly telephone service which can give advice on a wide range of personal problems which may be worrying to those who are isolated. In some cases the elderly person may only need to talk with a friendly voice to overcome their feelings of loneliness, in other cases the Silverline can provide practical advice and help in solving problems. There is of course a need to let those who would benefit from such a service know how to access it. The first point of contact is to telephone: 0800 4 70 80 90

Moira's talk emphasised the growing number of elderly people in our country and the ongoing need for more volunteers. Readers who would like to know about opportunities to volunteer to befriend an elderly person, by exchanging letters or speaking to them for half an hour per week, can find details by visiting the internet site.

Moira's talk to Rotary members and guests, sparked great interest, and it is hoped this short article will encourage readers to visit the Silverline web site.

Moira's address to the Rotary Club was followed by many interesting questions and answers, and the evening was conclude by a most heart warming vote of thanks by the Rev Arthur Barrie.



President Bernie Crozier with Moira Gallagher


Club Burns Supper

Members & Guest of the Rotary Club of Hamilton held their annual Burns Night at the Hamilton Golf Club on Thursday 14th January. Thanks were accorded to Top Table Speakers together with Piper Robert Dickie and Music & Songs by Raymond Tulips who concluded the night with Auld Lang Syne

Burns supper

Left to Right

Douglas Cook – Propose the toast to The Lassies
John Sleith – Address to the Haggis and 2 Recitations
Club President  Bernie Crozier
John Freeland – Propose the Toast to The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns
Jean Hawke – President of The Inner Wheel
Club Vice President Eddie Hawke – Vote of Thanks
Alex Magowan – President of The Hamilton Probus Club




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