Weekly Report – 24 November 2011

The Rotary Club of Hamilton held its Annual Youth Speaks Competition in the University of the West of Scotland Building in Hamilton on Thursday 24 November. Teams from three local secondary schools Calderside Academy, Hamilton Grammar School and John Ogilvie High School participated this year in the Intermediate and Senior competitions with all three schools participating in the senior competition and Calderside Academy being the sole entry in the Intermediate competition. 

With the London Olympics looming on the horizon, all the speeches had an Olympic theme ranging from the Olympic Torch Procession through the Olympic spirit to the compromise of Olympic ideals.  The competition was very ably judged by John DiMambro and Anne Murray of Hamilton Speakers Club who provided welcome feedback to the teams

The Senior Competition was very close but won by the John Ogilvie High School team comprising Erin Kelly, Chairperson, Matthew Campbell, Speaker and Joseph Kellaghan, Vote of thanks. (Photo shows the team together with Head Teacher, Eddie Morrison, Teacher - Patricia Anderson and Rotary Convenor/ Vice President - Steve Brough) ( Separately shown - main speaker Matthew Campbell in action)

John Ogilvie Senior Team

Both other teams , Calderside Academy ( Robbie McLean – Chairperson , Thomas Fenwick  – Speaker and Lewis Archibald – Vote of Thanks )  (Photo below shows the team with Rotary Convenors Archie Russell and Steve Brough and Judges- John DiMambro and Anne Murray) ( Separately shown - main speaker Thomas Fenwick in action)

  and Hamilton Grammar ( Ryan Bryceland  - Chairperson , Yousuf Habib – Speaker  and Sohall Vyas – Vote of thanks )  (Photo below shows the team with Rotary Convenors Archie Russell and Steve Brough and Judges- John DiMambro and Anne Murray)( Separately shown - main speaker Yousuf Habib in action)

provided able and thought provoking performances.

The Intermediate winners  from Calderside Academy were Emily Boyd , Chairperson , Alex McLean – Speaker and Lisa O’Hanlon, Vote of thanks .  (Photo below shows the team with Rotary Convenor/Vice President -Steve Brough and Judges- John DiMambro and Anne Murray together with Teacher Lindsay Ross )( Separately shown - main speaker Alex McLean in action)

Both winning teams will go forwards to represent Hamilton in the Rotary District event which is held  early in the New year with the winners of that  taking part in the  UK National Final  which will be held in Wales. The Club wishes the teams every success in the District competition.

The competition was very efficiently organised by Rotarian Stan Cook

The following photo is published by very kind permission of the Hamilton Advertiser and Douglas McKendrick

Back: 1 Mrs Patricia Anderson - Teacher  John Ogilvie, 2 Erin Kelly - Chairperson, 3 Joseph Kellachan - Vote of Thanks,  4 Matthew Campbell - Speaker, 5 Archie Russell – Rotary Convener, 6 Hamilton Grammar - Yousuf Habib - Speaker, 7 Ryan Bryceland - Chairperson,8 Sohail Vyas - Vote of Thanks, 9 Mr Raymond - Ali Teacher.

Front:  Calderside Senior 1 Robbie McLean – Chairperson , 2 Lewis Archibald, Vote of Thanks , 3 Thomas Fenwick -Speaker, 4 Calderside Intermediate - Emily Boyd-Chairperson, 5 Lisa O’Hanlon-Vote of Thanks,
6 Alex McLean Speaker.



Weekly Report – 17 November 2011 

This week members enjoyed an "outside" visit to Kays of Scotand in Mauchline where curling stones are manufactured

The club has a significant number of "curling" members who thoroughly enjoyed the evening

The photos show events during the evening

To learn more about Kays – please follow this link to the company website




Weekly Report – 10 November 2011 

The Club was entertained by Lesley McIlhagger , Tour guide and member of The Rotary Club of East Kilbride Kittoch, in her capacity as a member of a winning team in the BBC TV series – “Bargain Hunt” 

“Bargain Hunt” first came to our TV screens  hosted by David Dickinson until 2004 when the current presenter Tim Wonnacott took over the reigns. Lesley took part in the show in 2007 with her friend Gwen Brown as the “Blue” team  with a creditable profit of £46 from  their three chosen items ( including a wooden stool “ a present from Wishaw” ) which was considerably supplemented by a profit of £100 from the “Bonus Item” chosen by antiques trade expert David Barby . The “ Bonus Item” was a set of binoculars at one time owned by J Bruce Ismay , director of the White Star Line and therefore with links to the Titanic disaster

Lesley discussed the application and interview process which resulted in the team going forwards into the competition. She also highlighted that although it appears to be a seamless process,  several weeks pass between the “buying” day ( which was at Garrion Bridge ) and the “auction” day  which was at Great Western Auctions in Glasgow with Auctioneer Anita Manning

A fascinating insight into Lesley’s participation in this long running TV programme which was enjoyed by all members. 

A considerable number of questions were asked and for the record --- Yes --  you do get to keep the fleece , Past President , Eddie Hawke delivered a vote of thanks on behalf of the club

The above picture was cribbed from Lesley’s website




Weekly Report  - 3 November 2011

An unusual subject from Past Present Eddie Hawke.

The focus of this talk was the world population reaching 7 billion and what number Eddie was per the BBC website article  “The world at seven billion” :- 

He commented on how the population had grown from an estimated 500 million in 1500 to 6 billion in 1999  and onwards .

The discussion covered life since retirement, how many people were gainfully employed in keepinghim alive  and how many Edward Hawke’s he had found on a genealogy site ( there were lots) . He concluded the meeting with a 10 question quiz on  obscure ”weights & measures”

Ian Lawie provided a vote of thanks on behalf of the club




Weekly Report - 20 October 2011

Rotarian Ian Lawie provided the club with details of his recent visit to South Africa and the Cape Town area  where he visited Sea Point Rotary club to present a donation of  one thousand pounds to support two charitable programmes which had been highlighted in the past by Norman Batty , Past President of the Rotary Club and  Hamilton District Battalion Boys Brigade President who sadly passed away last Christmas

Through the Club’s International Committee, it had been unanimously decided to continue to support these schemes in memory of Norman and Ian had kindly agreed to visit both the Club running the projects ( Sea Point Rotary) and the actual  programmes during his recent holiday in South Africa

The photograph show Ian Lawie presenting a cheque to Sea Point Rotary President Lana Herman

The  Includid Home for the Intellectually Challenged Is a cluster of 8 houses some within the grounds of Alexandra Hospital near Cape Town . The purpose of the Home is to support disabled patients of all ages from the hospital who have largely been abandoned by their own families

The focus is to make the individuals as independent as possible both in relation to taking care of themselves and in respect of developing a sustainable vegetable garden which now provides almost 50% of the food requirements at this time

Funding from several Rotary Clubs has been provided to take this project forwards with contributions to date have been used for a variety of purposes including refurbishment of houses , purchase of wheelchairs , the introduction of an Irrigation system , Gardening implements,  Compost, vegetable seeds and plants on an ongoing basis.

The aim of Includid is to give residents “ the chance to live and ordinary life in an ordinary house on an ordinary street in an ordinary community “

Ashley Kaimowitz  Fund – Nonceba Centre is a Khayelitsha based family counselling centre working with sexually abused children aged 14 or under and their families. Nonceba offers individual counselling and helps prepare children for court. They also strive to change cultural attitudes towards sexual abuse and run awareness and information sessions in primary schools.

In the poverty-stricken township of Khayelitsha, just outside Cape Town, South Africa, an estimated one in every three girls is raped by age 21. After HIV/AIDS, rape is South Africa's largest epidemic, largely because of a myth that sexual intercourse with a virgin can cure AIDS. Children are especially vulnerable, but they have few resources to protect them.

Ashley Kaimowitz was just 16 years old when she learned of the atrocities occurring in the township a few miles from her affluent Cape Town suburb and through her work , the sponsorship of the Nonceba Family Counselling Centre came about . The Centre remains the only crisis centre in the area established specifically for children who are survivors of rape and abuse and operates solely on donations from the private sector and the local university, though the centre's volunteers sometimes contribute money from their own savings.

You can find out more about Sea Point Rotary Club and their variuos projects  by following this link :-



Weekly Report - 13 October 2011

Stan Cook,  Past President of the Rotary Club of Hamilton and  retired minister of Hamilton West Church, provided the Club with an animated talk entitled “Hats”

From a very large bag , Stan  produced  a large and varied collection of hats  including  an Anthony Eden hat , Police cap , Deerstalker , Balaclava, Brownie cap, American Serviceman’s Forage cap, Baseball cap together with a selection of leather and cloth caps. Stan provided his usual highly agitated witty commentary on the particular relevance to him of each piece of headwear much to the amusement of all present.

Ian McGregor proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of the club



Weekly  Report – 6 October 2011

Maurice Logie , President of the Lanarkshire Chamber of Commerce was the speaker this week and he provided members  with an overview of the Chamber movement and role of Lanarkshire Chamber in the local business community .

Lanarkshire Chamber came about in 2003 through  a merger the smaller  chambers in the Lanarkshire .Currently there are 280 members businesses from a diverse variety of businesses ranging from both Councils, local NHS Trusts , Rolls Royce, Philips down to smaller owner managed businesses. The plan is to grow membership to nearer 500 over the coming years 

Members can benefit from the extensive business networking opportunities offered by the chamber through lunches which regularly host 100/120 attendees to 3 breakfast clubs which are run in Cumbernauld, Motherwell and Hamilton . The chamber also participates in active lobbying on behalf of members , business mentoring as well as providing support for exporting .

On a more local basis , Maurice gave members an insight to the plan to create a Business Improvement District in Hamilton for the regeneration of the Town Centre where there are a number of empty retail units . In common with  other Town Centres, Hamilton has been affected by the change in public buying habits to out of town retail parks and , to a lesser extent , the internet. Local Traders assistance is being sought to advance the plan for a creation of  a BID in Hamilton . This would allow access to funds to promote the investigation of alternate uses for vacant units e.g. by the creation of workspace units or niche retailers

After a number of questions from members , Jim Provan proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of the club

Further information on the Chamber can be found at :-





Rotary Book Sale 1 October 2011

On Saturday  1 October saw members of the Rotary Club of Hamilton active again in fundraising for charity.  The club annual book sale was run  in aid of the STV Appeal 2011 with a sum of £230.19 raised on the day . The club had  had hundreds of books donated by members and supporters  with the stand  in Duke Street , Hamilton being manned by Rotarians over the day  

Club Convenor and event organiser Archie Russell, said: “I thought the day went very well, thanks to the generosity of the people of Hamilton.

“While the footfall in Hamilton was lower than we and the shopkeepers would like, possibly the inclement weather did not help, but the Rotarians enjoyed meeting the people and it lets the local people know some of the activities the Rotary takes part in. Some of the books we have left will be kept for our next sale in May 2012 and others will be donated to the Soroptimists who will be having a book sale soon.”

The funds raised were added to the £1.22million contributed by STV viewers and fundraisers across Scotland. The STV Appeal is a joint venture between STV and the Hunter Foundation and all the cash raised from the Appeal will stay in Scotland.





Weekly Report -   29 September 2011

The club was provided with a thought provoking  talk entitled “ So you think you know reality” from Dr John Brain

The talk covered aspects of  theoretical and quantum physics with black holes and event  horizons covered

Members were shown the film Fantastic Trip  which was a journey out into the furthest reaches of the universe  and then within the micro-universe (i.e. to within atoms )  with measurement sizes such as fentometers , attometers , fermions , quarks, and  hadrons discussed.

We were then further challenged by a short film on the Double Slit Experiment which falls within the area of quantum mechanics. The work of eminent scientists such as  Werner Heisenberg , Anton Zeilinger and Leonard Susskind was also highlighted

Overall, it was a challenging series of topics for the club although one members had a particular interest in the subject and was able to pose a number of questions to Dr Brain . After conclusion of the question and answer session , Archie Russell proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of the club



Weekly Report  -  15 September 2011

“China and the Yangtze River was the subject of a slide presentation given by Club member John Burn

In 2008 , John and his wife visited China  starting in Shanghai  with its 13 million population thereafter with a 400 mile cruise up the Yangtze River through the lock complex at the 3 Gorges Dam followed by a 150 mile coach journey to Shangdu then on to Beijing

John’s slides and talk took members to the Great Wall of China , the Terracotta warriors ,  Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City as well as seeing Pandas and the numerous traditional acrobatic acts which are very much a feature of a visit to China   

A very interesting perspective on a country which has become a major player in the world and “must visit” destination

Lawrence Scott  gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the Club





Weekly Report - 8 September 2011

There was no formal speaker at this week’s meeting, however, it was announced that after a gap of three years, the Braidwood trophy (golf competition) had been played for on 8 September with the winner being Mark Williams and John Burn being runner up

The photograph shows Mark being presented with the trophy by Ian Bell  



Weekly report  -  30 August 2011

Our speaker this week was Ian Robert who provided members with an Australian focussed talk entitled “Remember Woomera”

Setting the scene, he reminded members that Australian has a population of 18.5 million 90% of whom stay in the coastal fringes and 90% of them stay in the East and South East of the country

Ian’s subject matter highlighted the opening up of a large part of the interior of the country following World War 2 largely through the efforts of Len Beadell, a surveyor and road builder who is described as being “the last true Australian explorer”

At the end of World War 2, Len was in the Australian Army Survey Corps but required to serve a further 12 months. At that time, the British and Australian governments had decided to build a rocket testing range in the Australian outback and Len was ordered to identify a suitable site for the Long Range Weapons Establishment which had to be flat for both launching missiles and landing aircraft, Other parameters were that there had to a corridor 1500 miles and 40 miles wide running from the site to avoid the general public.  A site some 300 miles North of Adelaide was identified which latterly became known as Woomera and developed with such (then) well known missiles as Skylark. Blue Streak and Black Knight all tested from there.

In 1952, Len was approached to identify a further site for the secret testing of a British Atomic bomb. The location had to be around 300 miles from Woomera and after 5 months of surveying, Emu Field was chosen and developed with the bomb exploded in 1953. The opening of these sites and the necessity to reach them (and the rockets) involved the construction of app 4000 miles of road and effectively provided access to almost 1million square miles of the outback.

A fascinating insight into how the “cold war” and Len Beadell opened up large areas of Australia

Euan Stirrat, Past President of the club proposed a vote of thanks to Ian and shared with members that in 1960, Ian had been a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar.

It was also reported at the meeting that the Club members’ bag packing at Asda, Hamilton on Saturday 26 August raised £306 for the benefit of the Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill


Following the posting of this article on the website , we subsequently received  correspondence from  RAAF Woomera Test Range  with the club being advised that :-

The Woomera Test Range is entering a new era in its illustrious history, and we are about to completely refurbish the range in a $320M project. About 10 years ago the Australian Defence Force (ADF) decided it needed the range capability to support the next generation of weapons systems now coming into service and needing support for the next 30-50 years. Woomera is the ONLY range left in the western world where the new generation of weapons systems can be tested to their fullest extent within the LAND boarders of a range - so it is once again in very high demand.

If you wish to find out more, please check out the current Woomera Test Range website at

Additionally , we heard from the Editor in Chief of the local community newsletter of Woomera, Gibber-Gabber who were printing our article in their newsletter  If you are interested in having a look at  Gibber Gabber, please click on the link below.

The power of the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Weekly report  - 23 August 2011

This week , the club was serenaded by retired accountant George Rodger  who again demonstrated his musical talents to the club  with songs like  “Whose sorry now” , “All of me” and “Fly me to the moon”.

George’s underlying purpose in visiting the club was to promote the “Variety show” he has arranged for the benefit of Mary’s Meals . The show is being held in Hamilton Town house on 26 August and features – That swing sensation , Hermie Longalong ( saxophonist) , Kirstie and Heather McLeod ( violin and piano) , George Rodger Gipsy Band , Hamilton Harmonics , John Ogilvie School Band , Leana Zaccarini, Jimmy Campbell ( accordion) Delta Fever and “ Ray & Nicky” ( dancers)

Mary’s meals is a registered Charity which provides meals for hungry schoolchildren. Starting from supporting 200 children in Malawi, it now provides meals for around 500,000 children in 15 countries with 90p in the £1 raised used for food.

Alex Torrance gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the club




Weekly report  -  9 August 2011

This week's meeting saw Past President Ian Bell provide members with some of his amusing anecdotes about life etc ( actullay it was quite wide ranging)

Robin Wilkie thanked him on behalf of the club .




Weekly report  -  2 August 2011

Rev Arthur Barrie, Hamilton Rotarian provided the club with a talk entitled “Perambulations around Scotland ( or a ramble) “

Arthur was for some years Convenor of a Church of Scotland General Assembly Committee  which had the remit to assess Buildings, Plant and Manpower. This role involved travel around the many Church of Scotland establishments in Scotland and Europe

The focus of his light-hearted talk was his visits to  the Outer Scottish Islands and the differing cultures as one moves from island to island.

He drew comparisons between Barra where the aircraft lands on the beach and
Uig with glorious white sands where Arthur had been called in to determine the ownership for Mission Hall situated some 26 miles down a single track road, 

Sabbath day observance in Uist where it Sunday is very strictly a “day of rest” with many traditions continuing which have died out elsewhere including the singing of metrical psalms and Harris  where the golf course has a sign “ No Sabbath Golf”.

He also recounted his trip to Stornaway where he had the unfortunate task of closing down a congregation.  

Arthur, in his own inimitable style, injected a high degree of humour into his anecdotes focussing on the way of life in the Isles style .

Mark Williams , Past President of the club proposed a vote of thanks to Arthur for   his great stories. 




Weekly Report  - 28 June 2011

This week saw the first presentation for many years of the Paul Harris Fellowship to one of the Rotary Club of Hamilton’s members .The Paul Harris Fellowship is awarded to Rotarians and other members of the community who have demonstrated exceptional service in community or charity work

It was with great pleasure that John Waddell , Assistant District Governor  of Rotary District 1230 presented the award to Nirmal Singh on behalf of the club

Nirmal was awarded the  Fellowship award to recognise  his work in building the Moa Ambay Girls School in Bhanoki, India. In the six years since purchasing land in his home village of Bhanoki, Nirmal has built and funded the 24 classroom school for 115 girls. Rotarians have followed the development of the school  through Nirmal’s regular updates and have been impressed by his commitment to the project  

During the presentation to  Nirmal, John Waddell said: “The decision to meet the demand and the need for such an establishment was a bold one, but made easier by the knowledge that the land could be made available and with determination, persuasion and hard work the fulfilment of the dream would become a reality.

“The education of these girls provided learning skills, tuition to read and write with the prospect of further education and will not only greatly benefit the individuals concerned but also the larger community.

"The description I’ve read of the school will leave some local authorities very envious of the new facilities that have been provided.

“The additional benefit of this project has been the improved water supply to the village, as a direct consequence of the school being built there.

“The programme must continue and flourish for the benefit of everyone attending the school and the Rotarian behind the dream has epitomised the Rotary motto of, service above self.”

Nirmal, the owner of Hamilton's Bombay Cottage restaurant, thanked the Rotary Club of Hamilton, which has helped to furnish one of the school’s classrooms, for their support. He said: “I’m so proud that I’m a member of the Rotary Club of Hamilton and getting such respect and honour from the members.

“I could have never achieved this without the Rotary Club. I’m telling everyone in India to do the same thing as the Hamilton club is doing here every day of the week

This week also marked the commencement of a new Rotary year with Gordon Hart taking on the role of President for the coming year . The photo shows outgoing President , Ian Brown  congratulating Gordon on his appointment     



Weekly Report -  21 June 2011

The Rotary Club recently was received a presentation by Nicole Vidale on behalf of MercyCorps

MercyCorps is a world wide charity whose European Headquarters is in Edinburgh . It was established 31 years ago . The Mission Statement of MercyCorps is that it “exists to alleviate suffering , poverty and oppression by helping people build secure,. productive and just communities “. Currently , the charity is working in over 40 countries throughout the world  primarily in a relief , recovery and development role . Examples of some of the programmes under way are :-

In Haiti , there is a continuing programme of recovery and rebuilding after the Earthquake

 In Zimbabwe , there is a programme to help families grow more food  with over 450 families now trained in gardening techniques to enhance crop yield

Guatemala has a good health programme where residents are trained to operate a local chemist /pharmacy business 

In Indonesia , there is an ongoing literacy programme for women in order to spread education more widely

The charity is funded entirely by donation  with more than £1 billion in assistance having been provided since 1979 . Further information can be obtained at ;-

Nicole explained her role involvement in charity as an unpaid volunteer whilst she is studying for her PhD in International Health and Development

 After a number of questions from interested members , Past President, Ian Bell provided a vote of thanks on behalf of the club



The Rotary Club of Hamilton recently attended Hamilton College to formally award the Club’s Senior Youth Speaks Trophy to members of the winning Hamilton College Team , Pictured are participants Edwin Sheerin and Alan Stevenson  together with College Principal Margaret Clarke and Teacher Derek Hotchkiss.  Representing the Rotary Club were President Ian Brown and Vocational and Community Service Convenor Steve Brough



Weekly Report – 14 June 2011

This week , the club enjoyed a view of “Things to Come” from Euan Faulds  of Glasgow 2014 Limited , the company set up as organising committee to deliver the 20th Commonwealth Games which is due to take place in Glasgow from 23 July 2014 to 3 August 2014.

71 nations ( representing almost 1/3 of the population of the world ) will be competing , 6500 athletes and officials participating  over 17 separate sports disciplines  with a worldwide audience of 1.5 billion people .   

Organisation of the event is well in hand with construction of new venues under way and on programme for completion ahead of time . There are three main clusters of venues in Glasgow

East end  - The National Indoors Sport Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome adjacent to Celtic Park ,  Tollcross Park Leisure Centre ( swimming) , Glasgow Green Hockey Centre and of the course the Athletes’ village

West end  - Kelvingrove Bowls Centre , Scotstoun Leisure Centre and around the SECC ( with work on the 12500 seat Scottish National Arena just commenced )

South side  - Hampden Park , Ibrox stadium and Cathkin Braes Country Park

The opening ceremony will be held at Celtic Park  and the closing ceremony at Hampden Park . Euan provided an overview of the preparations for the event together with the rapid increase in staffing levels which is due to commence shortly . The Games will become more high profile as the start date approaches and there will be opportunities for the public to act as volunteers at the individual events in due course

There were a lot of questions from members following which Past President Robin Willkie delivered a vote of thanks on behalf of the club

  Further information on the games can be found at :-




Weekly Report 31 May 2011

Scottish Autism representatives Carolyne Nurse, Funding and Marketing Manager and Heather McArthur, Fundraiser  gave the Rotary Club a presentation on this long established charity which provides support from Autism sufferers in Scotland

Formed in 1968 in Alloa  by a Group of parents, Scottish Autism is the largest charity of it’s kind in Scotland with over 700 staff /carers working with it . Austism is a lifelong disability which is becoming increasingly recognised  with around 1 in 100 of the population affected  and around 4 times as many males as females diagnosed as a sufferer. Potentially , 50000 affected in Scotland alone

Autism cover a wide range of levels of impacts and impairments ranging from significant learning problems to the highly intelligent suffering. . Difficulty in social interaction and communication are two of the major impacts on sufferers with has led to support being necessary to enable them to learn to live in the community . Children can now be indentified as being affected between the ages of 2 and 3

Scottish Autism provides assistance for supported living together with day care ranging from the very young through to older people . The charity has a partly residential  school in Alloa “ New Struan School” which has 50 pupils ranging in age from 5-18 years.  Additionally , there are  facilities in Lanarkshire , Cafe Kudos in Carluke  and Kudos Krafts in Lanark both of which provide  employment and supported living    

Members were interested to learn of the effect of Autism in the community and how Scottish Autism were provide support . Past President Hamish Wilson provided a lengthy vote of thanks on behalf of the club focussing on his experiences in his hairdressing salon with Autism sufferers and relaying the novel solutions which had to be adopted to provide haircuts

For further information on the charity , please see :-




Weekly report - 17 May 2011

This week’s speaker was Sandy Wilkie , Marketing Director of Robert Wiseman Dairies plc .

Sandy provided the club to an insight to the background and growth of this business which started with very local roots in East Kilbride. The business was established in 1947 by Robert Wiseman  as a milk delivery operation when the farm was purchased as part of the site for East Kilbride New Town. It remained very much a doorstep delivery business until the 1970’s  when a move was made into wholesale supply . In the 1980’s , the business moved into the supply of milk to multiple retailers with the first distribution site being commissioned in 1991  and the with the company being listed on the Stock Exchange from 1994

The company now has 7 dairies throughout the UK in high milk production areas  and supplies Tesco , Marks and Spencer’s , Sainsbury, Co-op , Asda as well as many other smaller chains of retailers . Annual sales are now touching £1 billion with 5028 employees and the company’s very distinctive “black and white cow” branding  is regularly seen on our roads on the fleet of lorries as well as on milk packaging and indeed at Glasgow Airport . Sandy told members that the  “black and white cow” branding  which is only used on lines supplied convenience stores is considered the 36th top brand in the UK which is a point to note when the bulk of milk is supplied to multiples under their own branding 

Sandy gave us an overview of the company support to charitable organisations . As well as supporting  The Anthony Nolan Trust where funds in excess of £100k were raised as well as more importantly a number of employees registered in the Bone Marrow Donor Bank , 14 Sunshine Coaches have been sponsored for the Variety Club Childrens’ Charity .  Ongoing support is also being given to “Help the Hospices” , the umbrella organisation for local hospices with assistance being given to our locally based ones  – St Andrews and Kilbryde . Additionally , very recently £17k was raised in Carlisle for the local hospice in that area through a sponsored  wellie walk where distinctive Wisemans’ “black & white” wellies were sold     

After a number of questions from members , the vote of thanks was given by Rotarian Hamish Wilson

Also attending the meeting was Teacher David Campbell from Hamilton  Grammar who was accompanied by three teachers from Donkorkrom Agricultural  Senior High School in Ghana  who were visiting Hamilton to discuss partnership links with Hamilton  and learn about the Scottish education system. Over the last few years , Hamilton Grammar has developed close links with the Ghanaian school.  The three teachers  - Robert, Fidelia and Ebenzer gave the Club an interesting insight into the relationship which has developed between the two schools and the benefits to both.   A  party of students from Hamilton Grammar will be visiting Ghana in September 



Weekly Report -  10 May 2011

The Rotary Club met at the New Douglas Park Stadium recently to hold the Club’s Primary Schools Quiz competition.  As usual the competitors and supporters were enthusiastic and the competition closely contested.

Rotarian Jim Provan set and asked the questions in a room filled with supporting parents, teachers, pupils and interested Rotarians, all of whom enjoyed the closely fought contest.  Throughout there was a friendly and good competitive atmosphere in the room.

Teams from St Mary’s , St John’s and Townhill Primary Schools had  10 rounds of six questions covering varying topics ranging from Scottish History to current news and events . After a keenly fought contest St Mary’s Primary School came out as winners closely followed by runner up St John’s Primary  and  in third position Townhill Primary.  The winning team was presented with £40 in Gift vouchers,  a winner’s certificate and the winners shield by club President Ian Brown . 

The Primary Schools Quiz is a District competition covering the 54 Rotary Clubs schools in the West of Scotland  from Oban to Girvan with  the local school  will represent Hamilton in the final.

The photographs show the participating teams

St Mary’s Primary School ( Mark McWilliams, Ciaran Rogers, David Ireland and Lucy Wilson)

St John’s  Primary School (Shona Thomson, Lara Paterson, Emma Dunleavy and Serena Black)

Townhill Primary School  (Conner McAfferty, Rhea McDade, Gillian Crisp and Erin Keenan)


Weekly report – 21 April 2011

This week, the club welcomed Louis Munn, retired Chief Superintendent Strathclyde Police and Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire who provided the club with a journey through his career with the Police

After being brought up in Garrowhill, he started work in 1967 with Croft Body Building and Engineering as a trainee manager although with the motor trade in recession, he joined Lanarkshire Constabulary in 1974. Louis took us through his two years of probationary training in Hamilton and Motherwell.

In 1978 he was appointed a Detective Constable in Wishaw P Division with a period seconded on the Irish Ferries (at Portpatrick) before moving onto the accelerated promotion programme which led to an appointment as Sergeant at Kilsyth.
From 1984-1988 he was appointed an Inspector initially as Deputy Press Officer and then with spells in Kirkintilloch, Easterhouse and Baird Street Glasgow

He became a Chief Inspector in 1988 being posted to the Scottish Police College for 3 years although he spent a period seconded to Lockerbie following the disaster. During his period at Tulliallan he hosted a visit to the College by Lady Diana.

In 1992 he was appointed Superintendent and was deputy Head of police personnel before becoming Deputy Divisional Commander of C Division , Maryhill   ( Taggartland)

In 1995 he returned to the Press Office being Force Press Officer and official spokesperson – latterly he was spokesperson for Central Scotland Police during the Dunblane tragedy. He provided members with a very moving account of the day when Thomas Hamilton committed the atrocities at the Dunblane Primary School

From then Louis was appointed Chief Superintendent and moved through roles as Divisional Commander with D Division and then to Q Division (South Lanarkshire) where in 1999 he was heavily involved in the Larkhall Gas Explosion. In 2003 he became Divisional Commander A Division which covers Glasgow Central to Yoker before retiring in 2004 

Interspersed in Louis’ talk were anecdotes about foot patrols, points duty, child birth training, terrorist activities, drugs misuse, sudden deaths and   murder giving the members an insight into the role of the Police Officers in the community. A light-hearted talk with serious undertones which emphasised Louis’ involvement in many of the significant events in Scotland over the last 20 years.

After a number of questions, a well deserved  Vote of Thanks was given by Past President Euan Stirrat


Weekly Report  - 7 April 2011.

President Ian Brown opened Thursday’s meeting of the Rotary Club of Hamilton with a minutes silence, for Rotarians to remember and reflect on the life of past president Alister Baird who died on Monday 4th April. He was an exceptional Rotarian whose enthusiasm and hard work impressed all, and will be sadly missed in the Club.

Thereafter the Club was addressed by the well known author Paul Henke who was born and raised in a mining village in South Wales. His father who was Polish had moved there after having been a prisoner of war, to become a coal miner,

Paul always wanted to join the Royal Navy and become a naval officer. He trained at Dartmouth Navel College and passed his “Ocean Navigation Certificate”. This enabled him to determine a ship’s position by using the stars and a sextant, a far cry from today’s use of Sat. Nav. In 1975 the highest paid job in the navy was mine and bomb disposal paying £1.00 a day, so Paul applied and trained for this dangerous work. He also trained as a diver and was able to free dive up to 75 metres, a feat very few people are able to do. This enabled rescue missions to take place from submarines within the area of the continental shelf.

He became First Lieutenant on the mine hunter H.M.S. Maxton and told us of his many ventures. On one occasion they wanted to blow up a mine in the river Forth and although they set the explosives, when they came to detonate it, it failed to explode. This meant that Paul had to dive down to readjust the very sensitive detonators. A storm suddenly came up on the river and Paul described the bomb as bouncing about like a ping pong ball. He thought his time had come but quickly exited the water and finally managed to blow up the bomb.

Paul is very proud of the fact that he trained Prince Charles on a mine hunting ship. He described him as a great character that was well liked by his crew. He also told us how he once played a trick on him, by refilling his whisky bottle with cold tea.
After many other adventurous careers Paul finally took up writing and has had numerous novels published, such as ”The Seventh Circle”, “The Tears of War and Peace”, “Turmoil”, “A Million Tears”, “Chaos” and others. After many question a well deserved vote of thanks was given by Rotarian Archie Russell.

The meeting was sorry to hear of the resignation of Dr. Sandy Wilson, for health reasons. He had been a member of the Rotary Club of Hamilton for 34 years.



Weekly Report - 31 March 2011

This week’s speaker was Bill Bell who provided the members with a fascinating photographic journey through the National Parks of America

Bill, a former member of the Rotary Club of Rutherglen  is a keen golfer and bowler having retired from Contract Management in Flemings Buildings in Lenzie a few years ago.

For some years , Bill has had a great interest in America with over five extended visits to the USA . His illustrated talk which comprised highlights from his visits started at Yellowstone National Park to see “Old Faithfull” , the world famous geyser which erupts every 13 minutes , then on to see the rest of the park with its coyotes and buffalo . Through Utah to view the “Elephant Rock” and “The Keyhole” and into the Canyonlands to see the Green River ( the slides showed a very brown river) . Then into the iconic Monument Valley to view the many rock formations as featured in a multitude of westerns over the years ( including the Mexican hat , the mittens and the totem pole )

We then moved into the Grand Canyon area  for an aerial view of  the “Bright Angel Trail” and the onward to Death Valley  with stops at Dante’s View  and Zabriski Point

Yosemite National Park came next with a visit to Glacier Point with its  spectacular views over the park to see the Half Dome rock formation, Then on to see Cathedral rock on the Sedonia , Arizona skyline.  

There was then a short stop  in San Francisco  to visit Alcatraz “ National Park” with its famous prison  

Thereafter south to Carmel and Monterey to the Big Sur coastal area to visit Los Padres National Forrest  with a visit to Pebble Beach

All in all , a very interesting photographic journey through the big parks in America. . There were a number of questions from members some of whom had visited the areas covered in the talk with very favourable comments on the quality of photography

Thereafter , member Jim Provan  proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of the club



Weekly report  -  24 February 2011

This week , the club was treated to a talk by Jim Gibson , minister of Bothwell Parish Church who gave the club an insight into his appointment as one of the Queen’s Chaplains in Scotland

Jim has been minister at Bothwell since 1989 and is a past president of the Rotary Club of Grangemouth as well as being a former member of the Rotary Club of Bothwell and Uddingston. He has also served as a chaplain to the Territorial Army in Germany during the first Gulf War and in Kosovo.

Jim was approached to take up the post of a Royal Chaplain in 2004,. It’s largely an honorary function with responsibilities in being the interface between the State and the monarch in Scotland. He described it as being very pleasant appointment with opportunities to officiate at State Dinners in Scotland and to develop a personal relationship with the royal family. He provided the club with an overview of his visits to Balmoral and the responsibilities and protocol involved on these occasions stressing that the Royal family go out of their way to make Chaplains welcome . He also provided members with some interesting anecdotes on his visits giving us a look at the more personal side of the Queen and her family. 

The history of Chapel Royal is lost in antiquity with the first written records dating back to 1120 and King Alexander 1 since which time the reigning monarch has appointed Royal Chaplains.

Her Majesty's Ecclesiastical Household in Scotland consists of the Dean of the Chapel Royal; the Dean of the Order of the Thistle; a Domestic Chaplain, who is usually the minister at Crathie Church and nine Chaplains “in ordinary”. They are appointed by the sovereign with the appointment lasting to age 70 or the earlier death of the monarch. Members are also inducted into the Royal Household in Scotland and are presented with a scarlet cassock and are allowed to wear purple.

After a number of questions from interested members, Past President Ian McGregor, a Bothwell boy himself, gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the Club


Weekly Report 17th February 2011

At a recent meeting of the Rotary Club of Hamilton, Derek Wright, the  professional at Hamilton Golf Club, explained to Rotarians how he came to be a professional golfer.

Derek commenced his career at Carluke Golf Club but has been in his present post for Eight years. Professional golfers are appointed by the Professional Golfers Association (P.G.A.). To qualify, golfers must be over eighteen years of age, have a handicap of four or under and have reached a specific standard in the Diploma Programme. Applicants must also demonstrate their playing abilities and enter over twenty one P.G.A. competitions showing an improvement in their game over that time.

After gaining professional status there are a number of avenues open as a career, and  Derek chose to become a Club Professional. A great deal of his time is now spent instructing all levels of players and improving their swing and abilities in the game of golf. This could involve filming the golfer’s swing and then analysing it with him/her.

He feels that the biggest improvement in a golfer’s game can be achieved by having custom built clubs specifically designed for a particular player. This could improve the game of both the novice and the low handicapper.
Another part of Derek’s work is the retailing of golf clubs and equipment and during the summer he can be occupied for 60 to 70 hours a week.

During questions Derek was asked if he played golf seven days a week and surprised his audience by saying that although he loved the game of golf he sometimes went for a fortnight without a game.
A well deserved vote of thanks was given by Past President Jim Love.


Weekly Report - 10 February 2011

The Rotary Club of Hamilton meeting on 10 February comprised a light hearted quiz by Jim Provan on the theme of “ Valentine’s day” . The members of club enjoyed two rounds of questions   , one being on Valentine’s  Day facts and the other on music with a girl’s name in the song title.  Ian Lawie provided the vote of thanks on behalf of the club


Weekly Report – 27 January 2011

This week’s speakers were Jonathan Rennie and Gillian Provan from STV . Jonathan gave the club a very interesting insight to the establishment of local community news websites by STV throughout Scotland. These sites have been rolling out over the last few months with the local Hamilton one having come on line from early December 2010 and being run by Community Editor Gillian Provan

The plan is to have around 150 of these sites in place in Scotland, one for every large town in the country. The idea being up to date online news from and about the local community.

The Hamilton site can be accessed through the attached link;- -

Following a multitude of questions on STV and STV Local, former President Eddie Hawke gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the club  



Weekly Report - 20 January 2011

At this week’s meeting Hamish Wilson  and Rev Stanley Cook were presented with certificates by President Ian Brown recognising their 30 years of service to the Rotary Movement. Both members are Past Presidents


The speaker was recent member David Evans who provided the club with an overview of his working career . David, albeit coming originally from Lancashire, is known locally through him having been the manager of the Marks & Spencers Store in Hamilton from 1980 to 1992. He also was Town Centre Manager  in a number of towns in Lanarkshire between 1995 and 2004 and was particularly active in the Hamilton Regeneration project when the Palace Grounds were being redeveloped

David gave the club a tour from him starting on the M&S Management Training Scheme in Preston in 1965 progressing through stores in Bolton , Manchester . Chester , Kirkcaldy, Nuneaton and Barrow in Furness before arriving in Hamilton from where he moved on to a Community Affairs Development Roll for M&S in Edinburgh before he retired from there in 1995. During his career,  David worked in a number of M&S departments including Food , Menswear and Childrenswear but surprisingly not in ladies wear

David was a long term member of the Rotary Club of Strathaven before he transferred to Hamilton late last year

Former President Bob Hamilton gave the vote of thanks  describing David as a man of many talents who was well known for his active participation in Hamilton Town centre      


Weekly Report  -13 January 2011

On Thursday, over 60 members and guests, of The Rotary Club of Hamilton, enjoyed their annual Burns Supper, held at Hamilton Golf Club.

The evening commenced with the piper, Fraser Porteous, piping in the Haggis, carried aloft by Mark Williams and then robustly addressed by Jim Love.

In his ‘Imortal Memory’ Bill Condie reflected on the hard life of Burns and his father, working on the farm, and how in his latter years Robert Burns was dogged by ill health.

On a lighter note Harry Doyle toasted the lassies, with a good humoured talk and tongue in cheek comments, which were ably answered by Moira Condie who replied for the lassies.

Ian McGregor led the community singing and after an excellent evening of entertainment, a vote of thanks, to the participants, was given by Vice President Gordon Hart.

In the photograph are –
Back row L-R    Fraser Porteous, Jim Love, Ian McGregor, Harry Doyle, Ian Bell.
Front row L-R   President Ian Brown, Pat Doyle, Vivien Brown, Moira Condie, Bill Condie           


Weekly Report  -6 January 2011

At its first meeting in six weeks due to the weather, The Rotary Club of Hamilton observed a minutes silence to reflect on the memories of past president Norman Batty who passed away at Christmas. Norman was a dedicated Rotarian and will be sadly missed.

Rotarians were addressed by Ian Mills, the District Governor of Rotary District No.1230, who is a member of Allander Rotary Club.

The District stretches from Stranraer in the south to Fort William in the north and during his year in office Ian will visit all 54 clubs, including Campbeltown and the Isle of Arran.

He handed over a banner from Rotary International President Ray Kinginsmith, displaying the current Rotary motto which is “Building Communities, Bridging Continents,” to club President Ian Brown.

He also explained that in total there are 32,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide with a membership of 2.2million Rotarians.

2011 plans

In January, 529 incoming District Governors from all over the world will meet at the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego, USA, to plan for the incoming Rotary year 2011 – 2012.

One of Ian’s task as District Governor is to visit clubs and remind members of their obligations.

He stressed how the Rotary Movement had helped millions of children worldwide with the life saving projects they supported including the eradication of Polio and the assistance given to countries experiencing natural disasters.

He also encouraged the club to take part in Presidential Citation 2010 – 2011 which is awarded to clubs who gain certain standards in their vocational, community and international services.

Ian also expressed his concern at the declining numbers of Rotarians in District 1230 and encouraged members to try to introduce suitable potential members.

After many questions the vote of thanks was given by President Ian Brown.


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